Protest for Palestine

After quite a long hiatus, here it is! Sorry for the wait 🙂


Friends of Al-Aqsa whiteboard Friends of Al-Aqsa (FOA) whiteboard signed by demonstrators at London’s 17 October “Protest for Palestine

I asked two of our PSC branch’s most active members, who attended the protest, what they took away from it in hindsight.

Q – How many people would you say attended the march? And what was the general atmosphere?

A – [Jihan:] There were at least a thousand people on both sides of the road, Kensington High Street, and as soon as everyone arrived the atmosphere was alive and heaving with chants of passion and solidarity. A warm, welcoming, and powerful vibe of humanity arose from people of all colours, religions, and backgrounds. A truly empowering and uplfting feeling to be among so many determined to be heard and to make a change.

Q – What was, in your mind, its main objective? The main reason you went?

A – [Jihan:] The main objectives were to…

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