First Aid for Bees

Saddens me that so few seem to care about such a crucial part of our biosphere and civilisation. Some estimate, as alluded to below, that a third of our food supply would be cut off without Anthophila’s pollinating.

My beautiful garden and flowers were much of the colour in what was thankfully a rather idyllic, rural childhood. But I have to ask, without bees, could any of my children enjoy the same happiness I felt? Though that question of sustainability is at the centre of most environmental and animal issues, isn’t it.

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As you may already know, Bees crucial to many crops are still dying at a worrisome rate:

Over the past few years, bee populations have been dying at a rate the U.S. government says is economically unsustainable. Honey bees pollinate plants that produce about a quarter of the food consumed by Americans, including apples, almonds, watermelons and beans, according to government reports.

Redditor ‘mmiu’ shared this lovely piece of advice:

“Summer is coming. If you see a bee on the floor still, it may not be dead, it may be exhausted and need of a drink. Melt some sugar in water to help it.”

First Aid for Bees

To understand a little more about whybees are disappearing, please watch this video and share with your friends below...

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