Tax The Rich

By not contributing to the society they’re a part of, the richest among us have, at the very least, denied the world’s governments trillions of pounds in public expenditure.

It was estimated that in one year, in the UK alone, over £120 billion was lost to tax dodging. The total amount lost to welfare fraud however was, you guessed it, much less at around £1 billion.

What does it tell you about the government, media, and big business-funded ‘think’ tanks in this country if they’d try to save money by tackling a smaller problem (that affects the most vulnerable people alive) rather than by addressing a bigger problem (perpetuated by the least vulnerable on the planet)? Let me answer that. What it tells you is how we, the people as a whole, rate a problem is irrelevant to the establishment. The only problem worth considering for the powers-that-be is how to preserve the ruling class’ immense privilege in a world racked by oppression, instability, and economic sickness.

No justice, no peace.

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