Press Association – Day 46


So this will probably be my last blog with the Press Association, and I know it’s a tired cliche but I genuinely don’t know what to say! Everyone has gone off on their placements, and even though Sarah and I can probably talk enough for 11 people (not that we are obviously, promise it’s all work work work over here), the room’s silence is eerie. A little preview maybe of what’s to come, when we all go our separate ways in a few weeks.

Last Friday night showed just how much we’d got to know each other, over 6 weeks (that feels like 6 months I’m sure you’d all agree) of a Press Association course that’s changed our perspective on a lot of things. With me anyway it certainly has, more than I could ever put in one blog, but perhaps the central lesson has been there’s a lot more to a good writer and a good journalist than most would ever guess.


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