Press Association – Day 46


So this will probably be my last blog with the Press Association, and I know it’s a tired cliche but I genuinely don’t know what to say! Everyone has gone off on their placements, and even though Sarah and I can probably talk enough for 11 people (not that we are obviously, promise it’s all work work work over here), the room’s silence is eerie. A little preview maybe of what’s to come, when we all go our separate ways in a few weeks.

Last Friday night showed just how much we’d got to know each other, over 6 weeks (that feels like 6 months I’m sure you’d all agree) of a Press Association course that’s changed our perspective on a lot of things. With me anyway it certainly has, more than I could ever put in one blog, but perhaps the central lesson has been there’s a lot more to a good writer and a good journalist than most would ever guess.


Press Association – Day 35


We’re over a month in and the tone of the group therapy has gone amusingly far downhill, I think conversations about sexual experimentation and sex generally have a solid lead over everything else. So far no one other than us 11 trainees have walked in on these chats, though knowing Roberta’s sense of humour I doubt it would matter much.

I’ve also started drinking unusually high amounts of caffeine, to be honest I’m just surprised it didn’t happen sooner with the shut eye we’ve been getting.

Katie’s profile on me, if we can call it that, was a fun part of the past few days. I was really flattered by some of the things she said and I’m taking this opportunity while blogging to thank her publicly, as she got quite a few laughs out of us.

I was also happy the doughnuts were so well received, knowing my appetite I probably would have eaten the whole lot if they weren’t popular enough. An unhealthy addition to my diet is the last thing I need right now considering my fairly monotonous daily food schedule of tea, a banana and orange, a coffee, a cheese and onion sandwich, more fruit, a falafel sandwich, creamy falafel pasta, more tea, more coffee, a vegetable samosa, and maybe another sandwich to top it all off (there you have it Laura, probably my average food diary!).