Press Association – Day 24

Press Association Logo

Things are getting intense. Late-night work sessions have become group therapy and discussions on the magazine an assessment of each other’s stress levels.

We finally got a name, Industries 2 Invest In 2015 (i2i 2015), and we set up a twitter account for it. I like how its flexibility means we can drop or pick up sectors, should the need arise, but I’m not too sure about the “2” – it works well though in the acronym.

Lauren’s witterview was a nice break from routine, but I swear I wasted about half an hour on my bed listening to music and dossing on my phone as a result. Then again, pausing for a moment, and actually doing what you want to, can be surprisingly therapeutic when it feels like each breath not devoted to biological requirements is spent completing an assignment.

I know most people might find thinking politics relaxing a symptom of mental illness, but my conversation with the Special Branch today reminded me (among other things, naturally) how much activism means to me. And, by extension, journalism. To be able to speak to nearly anyone, instead of catering to a specific niche because of an intentional or indoctrinated linguistic elitism, is a goal meaningful enough to fuel you. To fuel the words you put on the page, or the stream of consciousness that guides them. Successfully expressing powerful ideas (or anything at all), and in the process informing thousands if not millions of people, is a no brainer. The great struggle can only be won with the great narrative, destiny made manifest by belief in the inherent value of knowledge and the ability to convey it.


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