Biographical Piece: Mark Cairns [AHS Newsletter]


Mark Cairns, born in 1970 and raised in New Zealand, has quickly established a reputation for himself since moving to the UK as a top level magician and mentalist. His “psychological mind reading” leaves those who’ve observed him dumbfounded, and as a self-identified rationalist he knows as much as anyone that even the most cunning sleights of hand are no more than the work of those up to the task, making their performance that much more impressive.

A member of the global organisation “the Magic Circle” established over a century ago for the world’s best illusionists, with a rigorous selection process and only 1500 members his clients befit the skills of those he brushes shoulders with, David Copperfield and Paul Daniels amongst them.

Cairns’ clientèle include corporations such as Microsoft, BT, and Renault. Simon Cowell’s comments showed that even those as rooted in the entertainment business as he can be surprised by acts like Cairns’, and praise from Paul McCartney is surely one any of us would boast. Part of the appeal of Cairns’ act lies in his independent and amicable style, rather than projecting himself from a stage, he mingles with his audience in order to enhance the realism and interactivity of his illusions. In a world full of unoriginal and recyclable sources of recreation, Cairns shows that with only a quick wit and fast mind one can put most of those who claim to captivate us to shame.


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