Editorial: The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Not always


After the EDL threatened to turn up today when a discriminatory speaker was present at Reading University, one whose attendance various student societies (the RAHS, Women’ Campaign, LGBT, etc.) were already planning on peacefully protesting, the event was cancelled by the university. The rest of the Muslim society’s “Islam Awareness Week” went ahead as planned, though only after their most egregious guest had been well and truly rejected, but it is disappointing to note that it took the far-right to scare the far-right out of talking at a supposedly enlightened British institution of higher education.

Abu Usamah’s talk was due to be on justice, but is it laughable that a man who advocates the execution of non-heterosexuals and non-Muslims could possibly be seen as having an opinion on this issue worth respecting.

On the day of the cancelled event, to our collective chagrin, the English Defence League did in fact turn up to hand out leaflets. Quickly half a dozen of us assembled outside the Sportspark, and we found out only a single EDL member was actually present.

Fortunately, on this day, every fascist involved was denied the platform and attention their parasitic ideology perpetually seeks.


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